Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Plushies and Adventures!

I've been working on some plushies off and on over the past few days. I have been really lazy and haven't really made much.... But here are some of the things I have actually COMPLETED over the past couple of days!
This is Tiffani. She likes to wear a Truffle costume! I made her for a competition on Deviantart Her costume comes off....but it takes way too much work >_>
Next, here is an Alice I made for a contest that the nice lady who won my first Alice is having! She is doing a series of posts called "Alice in Whatsitland" that are very interesting. You should check her out at I will post when the contest is up and running :)
Lastly, this is a keychain I made of Alice. I found these cute little keychains in a store that have little plastic bottles filled with glitter attached to, I wanted to make an Alice doll with her drink me bottle! She is really the only thing I have made to sell in like 2 weeks :s. I am currently working on a Link keychain that should be finished tomorrow! :D

Ok, now on to the adventure! So, it's warm here now. It's been in the upper 60's all week, thank god! So, me, my sister and her boyfriend all walked to the creek down the road from my house. It was really fun! The only problem is the walk OUT of that hole...god, I am still feeling it in my poor legs! :(
The woods are BEAUTIFUL down there! There are caves and rocks....and rocks that are probably cave like contraptions all over down there! Its soooooo great!

This chimney is whats left of my grandpa's old house. It was the house he lived in when he was a little boy. It's really cool to look at. It's held together with mud stuff.
You can't tell it in this picture, but it was raining when I took it. It was really surreal.
I just really like this ole tree...and the water there is really pretty. It will be until it gets warmer and humans start camping out and throwing trash in it T_T
My sister's boyfriend, Jerad. We had only been in the woods like 10 minutes and he was already a muddy mess. He ran in front of us and we caught up with him in a bend in the road...he looked like he was up to something....especially since he is holding a stick.
And, finally, this is our climb back up!! This was the half way point...god, it's rough. Just seeing this picture makes my legs burn!! I need to be more active :(

Welp, that's it for now! *^_^*


  1. Wow both of the dolls are so cute :D I especially love the Alice in Wonderland doll :D

  2. Thank you so much! So far, I have made 3 Alice and they have all turned out differently. My favorite is the one I made for this contest. She looks to have the right amount of confusion!:)

  3. Wow, the keychain is so small!
    (Aah, the Red Queen won't be too happy about Alice stepping all over her.)

    ...?? What happened to your grandpa's house..?!

    tiffani is really cute, by the way! Love the full body pj.

  4. Actually, the keychain Alice is the same size as the giveaway Alice! They are a between 3-4 inches!
    You know, I'm not too sure what happened to his house...hmm, I need to ask about that! I always just assumed it just rotted away, but that doesn't make much sense now haha
    Thanks for complementing Tiffani's pjs :)

  5. Love the little dolls. The look so cute!

  6. Tiffani looks cute in her truffle costume. The costume made me think of an animated moose , I don't know why though.