Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bubble Puppy for Jumponics and new dolls!

The lovely Nicola (Jumponics) got me a 3 month premium membership on Deviantart so I made her a bubble puppy! I hope she likes him! :D
Also, here's some critters I have made in the past couple of days!

First up is Link!! I love Link! And this one comes with an awesome little fairy in a bottle, just in case he runs low on hearts ;)

Next is Meeko the Mime bat!

And last but not least is Lime Bunz and Mr. Stix. I wanted to make something for Easter...and St. Patrick's day... so I combined the two! ^_^

Welp, that's all for now! *^_^*


  1. The bubble puppy is awesome! Oh and as an RPG & especially long time Zelda fan, I've gotta love Link!!

  2. Thanks! Link is awesome! I've been wanting to replay Ocarina of Time really bad. April might be a Zelda themed giveaway month for me ;)