Sunday, January 31, 2010

Art trade doll

Hello Twistyfishies! Here's your doll! I really hope you like her! I love the ones you made for me and i can't wait until they get here *^_^*

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ta-da!! Now the insecurities are smaller than before!

Ok, I am really sleep deprived, but I am also pumped from making something new...and it being a success! I decided to make smaller Insecurities so I could sell them for a bit cheaper. Also, I just like making tiny things...I don't know, it's a challenge! Anyway, here are some pictures of her!
Here's a picture of her with the other dolls. There is a HUGE difference in the size.
And here's her standing next to Haylee. I wanted a picture of the two of them since Haylee will be leaving soon to go to her new home! I'm happy, but I'll miss having her around :(
And lastly, here is her and a bunny charm thingy that I also made tonight. They look cute together!

Anyway, I'm gonna clean her up and post her on etsy in a day or so. She also has extremely fat legs! I need to seriously stop over stuffing >_<
That's it for now! *^_^*

Saturday, January 23, 2010

And so it begins.....

Well, I really don't know what to write yet. I always freeze when a blank screen is looming in front of me... oh well! I guess I'll warm up to it! I decided to start this blog to talk about the stuffs I make as well as just the randomness I want to rant about in my life. I am so sick of looking at these plushies! I have been carrying them around since mid December and they are starting to haunt me O_o!! But...that doesn't stop me from unleashing them unto the masses!! What fun! Well, here are some of the 7 inch dolls i have made all crammed into a tiny pink box.
And this is Octo Polly (a 13 inch doll) compared to her smaller 7 inch sibling. Actually, I hadn't realized the large size difference until i took this picture. I'm a bright lil devil >_>

Here is another 13 inch doll, Zombie Zoey, inbetween two of the smaller dolls, Eris and Celina. Don't fret, Zoey has excellent will power.
This is Octo Polly, again, and dead frog. Well, he isn't completely dead, but some days he wishes he was...These lil beauties are the bubble critters. They are made from those little 50 cent plastic bubbles you get out of toy machines. I am a junkie! I can't resist the siren call of the quarter machines....
And here is Octo Polly, Bubble Puppy and Match Stick Mary all chillin out in the pink nightmare box.
Since Valentine's Day is growing nearer ever day, yuck, i decided to picture all of my pink....valentine-ish creatures. Pictured are Cupid: consumer of hearts, Bubble Puppy, Love Pig, and Broken Hearted Haylee. Its a box full of luv.

Lord, that was a lot of freakin images! Wow, I'm not gonna post that many again....ever! Anyway, that's most of the plush stuff i have been working on in the past month. Now on to the randomness...

Randomness: Today was my dad's b-day, I ate too much cake. It was super rich and I seriously wish i could cut it out of my stomach to stop the pain!! I would have added a photo of the evil bake good...but I fear this post contains way too many pictures already. That, and the mere sight of said cake makes my unsettled tummy churn....

Welp, that's it for now!! *^_^*