Monday, January 25, 2010

Ta-da!! Now the insecurities are smaller than before!

Ok, I am really sleep deprived, but I am also pumped from making something new...and it being a success! I decided to make smaller Insecurities so I could sell them for a bit cheaper. Also, I just like making tiny things...I don't know, it's a challenge! Anyway, here are some pictures of her!
Here's a picture of her with the other dolls. There is a HUGE difference in the size.
And here's her standing next to Haylee. I wanted a picture of the two of them since Haylee will be leaving soon to go to her new home! I'm happy, but I'll miss having her around :(
And lastly, here is her and a bunny charm thingy that I also made tonight. They look cute together!

Anyway, I'm gonna clean her up and post her on etsy in a day or so. She also has extremely fat legs! I need to seriously stop over stuffing >_<
That's it for now! *^_^*

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