Friday, February 12, 2010

My great plushies from twistyfishies!

I'm so happy with my plushies I got from twistyfishies in an art trade! They are so soft and adorable! I finally wrangled up a camera so I could take some pictures of them. ^_^

And here they are with some of my recent lil monster plushies....just hanging out.

Here are my monster dolls with Cathy the Cactus and Billy the Balloon in between them. I would be afraid if i were her...she is so thin by comparison.

That's all I've really got for now. I'm currently in a huge battle with my cat. Every time I go near the box where I house my plushies, he follows me. I know the little beast is trying to wait for an opportunity to get his nasty cat germs on my works!

Here is a photo of the fiend:
He apparently has a box fetish T_T....

Oh, that's not the same box....that's my sister's shoe box. Welp, that's all for now! *^_^*

1 comment:

  1. Aw! They all look so cute together :) Love your newest work! Cathy is beyond adorable! I have a blog post to make today about the awesome doll I got from you :)